Today I spent a little time thinking about the business aspect of it all. And I came to a startling revelation. I do not have to do great to get onto a best seller list with my current project.

Let me explain. Amazon divides their books in ever more arcane sub genres. And each of these has a top 100 list. Now one of these lists my stories might end up on is 30-Minute Science Fiction and Fantasy short Reads.

(I should link that that but I closed the page and I’m too lazy at the moment. Oh wait, I can go to my browsing history. Sorted.)

Using Genre Hobo’s system I determined how many stories I need to sell to get to number 100 on this list. And the answer is 0.

Per day.

So you would think that if you sell 29 per month then that would do it but no, hold on a moment.

I then went forward to see who sells some stories per day. And I got to the book ranked at #20. I’m not linking that here because the list will change soon. Well #20 apparently sells almost 1 book a day.

So this is the one that then sells 29 per month, maybe 28 or only 22. And number 100 sells way less. Like 1 a month?

I of course had to look at number one. Which apparently sells between 30 and 55 a day. A huge jump then from #20 to #1 and a very long tail to #100.

My current stories, not selling at all of course, is much further down at the tip of a distant hair right near the end of the tail. And realistically, there is where I would expect to see my future stories as well.

Or, if they don’t sell, in the top 100 list.

Woohoo, I’m going to be rich.