Clarifying goals for the foreseeable future

Isn’t that a funny notion, the foreseeable future? As far as I know nothing about the future is foreseeable. It is all a big guess of loads of things that might or might not be and most likely would be different from whatever you imagined.

cartoon on winning a cup
A little stick figure cartoon I made a while ago and which I am posting now for no apparent reason

So, more accurately, I am clarifying my goals for the dark and unknown that may or may not come.

Short Fiction

My current plan is to publish at least one short story publication every month. This month I am starting late, mainly in that I have not started yet. But at least I am not writing a story from scratch. I am taking a story draft and editing it into a finished story. I have no reason to believe that it will not be done by the end of the month, except for that dark unforeseeableness looming of course.

I would like to work on some kind of weekly publishing schedule such as a story every four weeks and because I officially published my first three stories on 29 June I am aiming for Friday 27 July to have my story published.

Creative Non-fiction

I’m not stuck on that description (creative non-fiction) yet but it is the best I have for the moment. I had an adventure over the past two weeks. Of course not much worked our as planned but some of it came out almost as imagined. My intention is to write this up as some kind of travel memoir. I am giving myself six weeks to do it. What I have after six weeks is what will be published.

My deadline is Friday 24 August. I am on the clock.

Looking at that date I also realize that at that time I will also be rocking along with some kind of short story in order to publish something for August (aiming for 24 August). And that means that my planning is breaking down already because that coincides with my creative non-fiction deadline.

Clarifying, that I want to publish some short fiction every 4 weeks to a month I want to publish another story on Friday 31 August. And that makes a bit more sense.

Now I only have to break it all down into smaller steps.

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