Halfway through our trip, sort of

by Gerhi Feuren on 5 July 2012

As you can see from the timing of this post I am easing into a new workflow. This is my Round of Words in 80 Days post and I am checking in quite late.

Since last Friday I have been on the road and of the normal internet. Even this update is done from a borrowed computer because we are not back home yet.

Keeping a travel journal

At the moment I am facing the challenges to write while on the move. Or, in 20th century terms, I’m keeping a travel journal by using good old pen and notebook. The intention is to transcribe and rework this into a creative non-fiction publication of some sort and for that I need copious notes. But writing on a bus is for instance almost impossible and for the most part I have just jotted down notes.

Over the next week I may have more time to do extensive entries and hope to make use of that.

But breaking my initial goals for this round down to what is happening now. I need to work on at least one story to publish this month. Because all my stories are at home, on paper or on computer, I will have to work on a new story. Not having started that yet means that I am slow out of the gate.

Fiction sales and marketing

And just reporting back on my sales while I am busy with this post. There has been none so far. Yes, I have not sold one single story yet.

I am ascribing to the school of thought that says that the best marketing for your stories is another story so I am not intending to get freakishly busy on Twitter, but rather just to get down and make sure that I publish at least one more story by the end of the month.

And that is me checking in.

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