Re-Publication in February 2014

I first published a selection of stories in 2012. Nothing seem to have happened in 2013 from a publishing perspective. But I did write a number of stories. Now I am working on a process of re-publishing my stories to make sure that they are as widely distributed as possible. In the process I am redesigning all my covers and so I will be uploading new covers for each story.

Depending on how you count I currently have between three and five stories published. The discrepancy lie between the number of platforms on which each story appears.

At the same time I will publish the stories that I have completed since 2012, which will bring the total number of stories published to at least ten. Again, I am vague because I might finish another story or two by the time I have everything published. Or I might not.

But the real reason why I am doing this post is to activate the New/s category.