Re-Publication in February 2014

I first published a selection of stories in 2012. Nothing seem to have happened in 2013 from a publishing perspective. But I did write a number of stories. Now I am working on a process of re-publishing my stories to make sure that they are as widely distributed as possible. In the process I am redesigning all my covers and so I will be uploading new covers for each story.

Depending on how you count I currently have between three and five stories published. The discrepancy lie between the number of platforms on which each story appears.

At the same time I will publish the stories that I have completed since 2012, which will bring the total number of stories published to at least ten. Again, I am vague because I might finish another story or two by the time I have everything published. Or I might not.

But the real reason why I am doing this post is to activate the New/s category.

About Gerhi Feuren

As a writer Gerhi Feuren is unknown to millions of people across China and large parts of Russia, Alaska and Turtle Island. Gerhi Feuren is the author of the short stories Clywick's ReMembering and Stupid Fishes.
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