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Scrapped blog title screenshot: 89 Minutes of Extra Time

89 Minutes of Extra Time

On every idea you have it is good to sleep at least one night. In order to gain distance and perspective. I don’t. Not regularly enough.

Yesterday I proposed a strategy for writing and building a business based on creative writing where I would only work for 89 minutes every day.

Yes, I know. Silly. But when you have the idea it does not sound so silly at all. A fresh idea not only sounds great, it also sounds highly logical and totally doable. Except that this won’t be.

So this is a retraction and a restatement of my 89 minute commitment.


I am aware that I am shaking things up again, having just started on a new course. It is a creative process and for me that means a messy process. I have tried before to keep it clean and not mess it up but I know I will. I will plunge in and do things. And I will step back and decide it is a mistake and that it needs changing.

In the past I tried to hide the scuff marks and deleted anything that did not sound polished or decisive. I am not doing that anymore.

My blog is my sandbox. I will construct ideas and post arguments only to shoot them down immediately after. I will try things and say things that are stupid, ill-advised and headstrong. And I will change my mind. And I will record all the changes here.

Because that is creative process.

End sidenote

My family is important to me. I will be available to them and will always place them first. We are going to a play tonight as a family. Snow White and Other Stories. I would prefer to stay home and get some work done but it is not going to happen.

My work is important to me. And with that I mean my salary paying art teaching job. It pays for school fees and medical aid and petrol and snacks after plays.

My creativity and my creative soul is important to me. This third one needs special attention. I need to build a space for it to live and thrive. That will not be done in only 89 minutes a day.

Some days it will have to fit into five minutes because that is all that I have available. Sometimes I will have five hours and then I will take that and use it.

I changed my blog title and tagline yesterday. I am changing it again today and I will keep fiddling with it until I have it working. The title was: 89 Minutes of Extra Time. The tagline was: Gerhi Janse van Vuuren writes about building a creative life after midlife through writing and painting and teaching and living life.

But before I change it, let me describe the path I am taking.

What is the business about?

At the core I am moving to a business of writing and publishing. I have been doing it for a while, but that was more of a hobby. Not in intent but in the way that I implemented my strategies.

I want to move into specific niche writing an publishing with non-fiction. Between me and my wife Petro Janse van Vuuren we cover quite wide field of experience. We also have a big overlap and shared concerns. Amongst these interests there are a specific niche we can cover. And as a micro-publisher and expert writing duo we will be bringing out a number of books over the next one to two years.

That is the core of the plan.

Adjacent to that I write strange little longish short stories. I want to continue doing these. I want to illustrate them and publish them also and market them to the best of my ability. That is my creative work and the practice on which the non-fiction will partly be based.

In that strategy I am following and aligning myself with practices and approaches by other writers, publishers and content creators that seem to have worked in the past and promise to work in the future. The first of these is in setting up a mailing list building program. That is the next thing I will start with after finishing this post.

And rewriting my blog title and tagline.