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I have given up categorizing my blog posts. Somebody should write a program to do it. If somebody has, don’t tell me.

Once upon a time in the soup kitchen: take one

20 March 2014

When opportunity knocks

6 March 2014

It rarely looks like opportunity, does it? I mean, about eight years ago I had the opportunity to start writing short fiction and publish it direct. I had it all figured out. The systems were in place. I could have been an early adopter. But I wasn’t. I wafted around and tried other things. Was […]

Sometimes I need to think inside the box

4 March 2014

There is a fleeting moment before equilibrium is disrupted by shiny objects. I have a short attention span. And I am interested in a lot of different things. And I hate being boxed in, being told what I am not allowed to do, even by my own plans. To prevent being sucked into black holes […]

What if the core is not what we think it is?

3 March 2014

If your work-life balance is out of wack it might be that you need to refocus on your core business. Align your core competencies with your business model and success is sure to follow. If it seems as if I am spewing business platitudes, I am. And don’t you get tired of people saying things […]

This is what I do

2 March 2014

It was just about seven months ago that Dean Wesley Smith started his series of blog posts about his daily life as a professional writer. At the time I thought of emulating him, titling my series: “A year in the life of a not quite professional fiction writer”. I wrote the following introductory text, but […]

Relative Judgement

22 January 2014

How do you decide if something is beautiful? How do you decide if something is creative or innovative? Are you making a snap judgement based only on your own experiences? A judgement on innovation on this basis will be seriously faulty. As in, “Wow, that is something new and innovative?” meaning “I’ve personally never seen […]

Some Creative Exercises

21 January 2014

Whenever I’ve done a workshop on creativity or on anything to do with creative thinking the same thing always comes up. And when I say do I mean taken a workshop, not presenting it. At some point during the workshop you will be asked to list as many possible uses for a brick (or a […]