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What you need is an approach

3 August 2014

More than a year ago I made myself a note. I was writing to get myself writing again. Which does not always work. A process journal for theatre or painting makes sense because the work is not writing and you cannot fool yourself that you are busy doing the work when you are doing the […]

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Reptilian shapeshifters and shadow fairies vs cyborgs and Japanese vampires

12 July 2014

I did not worry about genre fiction until I tried to finish and publish a story—and try to make money with the effort. And what I got from worrying about it was not a whole lot of productive at all. Reading around about what writers (and publishers) worry about you would think a couple of […]

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What kind of people has a wedding on a Monday?

21 April 2014

I’m not asking about those people that have to do it and end up in front of a Magistrate. I am mean the people who sat down and made a decision and planned a do it on a Monday. With the cheesy invite and a guest list and the whole shebang. When I was small […]

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Fortnightly Free Fiction: Grizzle & Bone

9 April 2014

Shaw Peel is under pressure. His wife, Minky, is bringing her boss home for supper and his stew, using a secret family recipe, takes a whole day to prepare. Will Shaw get the stew done and will Crippen, the talking werecat, be a help or a hindrance? Shaw Peel is a dutiful stay at home […]

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Fortnightly Free Fiction: Clywick’s ReMembering

26 March 2014

What if you did not win a boatload of cash, but rather a total body make-over in the lotto? But not just an external make-over but a total re-sequencing of your genetic material? Of course this type of treatment would be horrifically expensive. Which is why the lottery makes sense. To give everybody a fighting […]

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Thinking creatively is a dead end goal

23 March 2014

I never go far enough. Not that I cannot think way out there. But thinking creatively is the easy part. When I say ‘think creatively’ I cringe. Because thinking is where it stops. Even for me. But thinking is not doing. I never go far enough because I never even attempt what I think to […]

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Fortnightly Free Fiction: Stupid Fishes

12 March 2014

There are nothing social about a book club outing when you are left alone, locked up in an aquarium What do you do when you are locked in? Do you panic or do you make the best of the situation? When Alma Limebury gets locked into the aquarium she is stuck making friends with the […]

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